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Develop intelligent robots by integrating science and technology


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Our products are fully customized and crafted from scratch to completeness with a well efficient team of Core Resource Group Engineers who are well versed in various platforms of Technical advancements. Best Certified Robotics Course Training Centre Kochi Kerala. We provide Robotics Course training for beginners to professionals to up skill.


SMEC Workshops

We are there where you need us. We arrange Workshops at your Institution

SMEC Corporate Training

We will help you build a strong team for your unbound growth

SMEC LabVIEW Training

Made for Instrumentation, controls everything


Numerical computing to image processing

SMEC Embedded Training

From basic programming to Launching your product, all at one place

SMEC Robotics Training

The foundation of tomorrows World

SMEC AI Training

The most reliable source of assistance

SMEC Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

Make sure the world is more secure


SMEC makes programming very simple. We take you through various platforms where you would find programming as simple as you were talking to a machine.
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