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SMEC Robotics

SMEC Robotics is one of the leading marine service providers in India. SMEC has been in the marine sector for the past two decades. We provide electrical, instrumentation, automation, robotic, and hydraulic services for all kinds of ships from container ships to offshore ships. Right now SMEC mostly focuses on industrial automation, robotics plays an important role in the automation sector. SMEC has provided its services to more than 100 companies nationally and internationally. We have been providing industrial robots for different industries and thus we have contributed a lot to the automation sector. SMEC is capable to provide several industrial robotic products and services. “SMEC Robotics Course Best Training Provider in Kerala 2023. Kochi Calicut Trivandrum Thrissur Kottayam Kollam Malappuram Palakad “For several years SMEC has contributed its services in different industrial sectors and some of them are.

Our Products

We have developed most of our products from scratch, we have several experts to carry out all these operations.

3D Printer

Utilize SMEC 3D printers to develop objects from digital files. Develop objects from different varieties of materials by utilizing the SMEC 3D printer. You can design the objects according to your requirements. By utilizing the SMEC 3D printer you can develop three-dimensional objects.

Robotic Arm

The robotic arm plays an important role in the industrial manufacturing sector. Mostly we can see a robotics arm in the manufacturing sector. You can utilize SMEC robotic arms in process automation, we have already provided several robotic arms for different types of industries. SMEC has developed several industrial robotic arms for various industries from the Automobile industry to the Chemical industries. SMEC has developed different types of robotic arms based on the degree of movement, length of the arm, and also based on tip of the arm. These robotic arms are utilized for different industrial purposes. SMEC can also develop robotic arms based on the client’s requirements.

Designed based on the client requirement and will be assembled and tested by SMEC