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Robotics Learning Kits for School

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Learning with Kits will help children get a direct access to the real time application and understand the principle behind it. This will always increase the imagination of Children and will motivate them to explore more.


360° Rotation
Customizable length
Tip based on the purpose
Easy to Assemble and Dismantle
Options for Up-grades if required in future


Universal Dispenser
Light Weight
Feed size of 1 – 2 cm sq
Fast Process
5 types of Feeds accepted
Easy to Assemble and Install
Customizable based on requirement


Gripped Wheels
Fully Functioning based on Rotation
Can Carry Weight
All Terrain Friendly
Easy to Assemble and Function
Options for Up-grades if required in future

Terms & Conditions

  • Prices will change, if any customization required.
  • Parts will be Tested and Certified by our team before delivery and so replacement will be optional
  • Prices mentioned does not include tax
  • Bulk purchases will be discounted

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